People In Jet

Business, Personal and Group Travel

When you fly with Pantiel, you can rest assured that every benefit of private travel will be extended, including comfort, convenience, efficiency and flexibility. From the moment you first contact us, a Pantiel Charter Specialist will work closely with you to ensure precise and personal service. Whether you are traveling for enterprise or pleasure, alone or in a group, we can provide access to any aircraft to fit your specific needs. 

Empty Leg

Empty Leg Flights

We coordinate access to “empty leg” flights, which open up at the end of a one-way charter trip. When the aircraft repositions back to its base or continues on to another location, it becomes an “empty leg” flight. This flight can be reserved at a discounted rate, allowing individuals and groups to enjoy the benefits of private air travel with enhanced cost efficiency. Click here to view our real-time Empty Leg availability schedule.

Luxury Travel Enhancements

Through our affiliated Pantiel luxury travel division, we provide boundless options for enhancing your private travel experience. In addition to chartering your aircraft, we can execute on any travel need, idea or dream that you might have, from door to door and around the world. Visit our sister site to learn more about our luxury travel capabilities. 

Pantiel Luxury Travel

Cargo Transportation

We can execute on any level of cargo logistics and transportation, including urgent charters, oversized cargo and delivering cargo into remote destinations or even hostile locations. Our experience includes transporting satellite and communications equipment, film and music stage sets, oil industry equipment, marine diesel engines, hazardous materials and much more. 

Air Ambulance & Emergency Response

An air ambulance is the safest and quickest travel option for patients who are too sick or weak to endure the rigors of commercial flights. These jets, turboprops and helicopters are specially equipped for medical contingencies, including some with full ICU capabilities. We also offer access to a large range of aircraft suitable for medical evacuations and transportation.